These are pictures of my boys. I love them very much.
Check 'em out.
For Patrick's 10th Birthday this January 29th, 2007, he asked to learn how to snowboard.
We went to Big Bear, both Patrick and Jonathan took to snowboarding like fish to water.
I'm very proud of them!
They are the heart and soul of my being. Thank you Jonathan and Patrick for being!
These are pictures of my Dad-Hubert Faber's side of the family.
Dad, I miss you and I'll always love you!
May you rest in peace!
My Mom, Ruby Thomas Faber, this is your life. You have always been there for me and my boys.
Thank you!
The boys and Sam have a new hobby, they love to go RC Flying. Irvine is full of open land and fields.
they love to fly pretending it's them in the airplanes soaring through the air. Life is great!

Family Vacations
Our vacation to San Diego in 2002, we loved everything especially the museums and feeding the Lorikeets!
Our first road trip, the boys and I drove to visit our Family in Shawnee, Oklahoma.
On the way home we met Sam at the Grand Canyon and had a great time!
Our vacation to Orlando Florida in 2005, we had a blast!!!

Here are a bunch of friends. People I've known and held dear through the years.
I worked at Granada Hills Community Hospital for many, MANY YEARS!
Here are some pictures of coworkers that I've known and spend many hours working side by side with.
I love animals. They've been a big part of my life.
Here are a bunch of pictures of "critters" I've known and loved through the years.
I love cars!

Brywood Elementary
Brywood Elementary School's 4th Grade went to San Juan Capistrano Mission.
Check it out!

Irvine Pony Baseball
Irvine Pony Baseball Opening Day, March 3rd, 2007.
Patrick is in the NY Yankees, Mustang division.